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Spectro-Chrome Coherence Sounds CD
Spectro-Chrome Coherence Sounds CD
Spectro-Chrome Coherence Sounds CD

Spectro-Chrome Coherence Sounds CD

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  • CDKK
  • 9783946753247
  • For the combination of Spectro-Chrome Color Applications and sounds. In lossless uncompressed file form, for excellent sound quality and maximum effectiveness.
  • The modules are ideally suited to accompany a Spectro-Chrome color application, since the color equivalent vibrations operate simultaneously on the organism - from individual cells up to the complex perception levels of the nervous system and sensory organs.



Spectro-Chrome Coherence Sounds CD The present CoherenceSounds CD contains 9 color... more

Spectro-Chrome Coherence Sounds CD

The present CoherenceSounds CD contains 9 color equivalent titles (modules) with a playtime of between 4 and 8 minutes. The individual modules are composed and calculated on the basis of the “cosmic octave” which was developed by Hans Cousto. Each module is based on a color equivalent, natural keynote, and represents a multitude of natural body rhythms and frequencies. Pulse, breathing, brainwave frequencies, craniosacral rhythms etc. are rendered octave-analoguely and simultaneously.

The CoherenceSounds have been calculated, composed, played and produced by Dr. Alexander Wunsch

Each tone can also be assigned a color; Dinshah, for example, established relationships between tones and Spectro-Chrome colors. The most mathematically precise model for describing color-sound analogies is undoubtedly the Pythagorean octave principle, which is suitable for calculating precise color and tone values.

Coherence (lat.): Designation of the existence of clearly defined, time-invariant relations in the phases of super-positioned waves; precondition for interference. 

CoherenceSounds are a self-similar, minimal music structured in a fractal manner, without emotional overload. The experience of these sounds should accentuate the emotional topics of the listener, not the composer. The changes take place slowly in order to allow for getting attuned. Therefore, they fulfill the preconditions for the resonance characteristics of the organism.

The rhythms and overtone sounds are marked by interference, which allow for time structures and synchronization processes to be experienced. Subtle phase shifts create smooth transitions which lead the listener´s attention towards his own body awareness. The sounds are perfectly suited to be used on a sound bed, but they can also be listened to through headphones or stereo equipment. 

The CoherenceSounds takes you through the spectrum of the rainbow, starting with red, followed by orange, yellow, lemon, turquoise, blue, indigo and violet. Every track has a mathematically exact, octaval color equivalence with the individual Spectro-Chrome colors. The three circulatory colors of the Spectro-Chrome system, which are purple, magenta and scarlet, are not representable in this way, since they are composed of two individual colors, i.e. red and violet.

Accordingly, matching coherence sound modules would have to be based on two key notes, which is incompatible with the underlying composing principle. So if you wish to listen to a CoherenceSound module while using the circulatory colors, module number 5, that is green, is the most suitable. 

The following coherence sounds are on the CD:

Red (R) - Incitement & Energy
Orange (O) - Vitality & Love of Life
Yellow (Y) - Happiness & Strength of Nerve
Lemon (L) - Freshness & Change
Green (G) - Balance & Equilibrium
Turquoise (T) - Mindfulness & Concentration
Blue (B) - Relaxation & Recovery
Indigo (I) - Clarity & Intuition
Violet (V) - Wisdom & Spirituality

Important! When starting the treatment, you should only listen to one module of the respective color. The number of modules can be increased daily, until the maximum treatment duration of about one hour is reached. When using a CD player, you can do so by using the repeat title function, when using an mp3 player, you can create a playlist that includes the module in question several times. A lot of mp3 players also include a repeat function for individual titles. 

Attention! The CoherenceSounds are capable of inducing altered states of waking consciousness, and should never be used when driving, operating machinery or any other activity that requires high concentration. Application at one´s own responsibility. 


Absolute contraindications: epilepsy, psychoses, pregnancy 

Scope of delivery:
1 Audio-CD, User manual

ISBN: 9783946753247

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