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SpektroChrom Color Glasses Set with 12 pairs of color glasses in an exclusive display box - DT12K

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  • DT12K
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  • SpektroChrom® color glasses system with 12 glasses in a high-quality eyewear case.
    12 beautiful microfiber glasses pouches plus an extra large cleaning cloth.
    96-page manual with detailed explanations of use.



SpektroChrom ® FULL SET with 12 pairs of color glasses in an exclusive display box - DT12K... more

SpektroChrom® FULL SET with 12 pairs of color glasses in an exclusive display box - DT12K

The SpektroChrom® COMPLETE SET with 12 color glasses in an EXCLUSIVE display eyewear case, including the SpektroChrom - Color Glasses Manual by Dr. med. Alexander Wunsch (ENGLISH EDITION), a microfiber cleaning cloth and the 12 beautiful microfiber glasses bags in the extraordinary SpektroChrom design with drawstring closure for safe storage, carrying and cleaning of your glasses.

  • SpektroChrom® color glasses system with 12 glasses in the colors: RED (R), ORANGE (O), YELLOW (Y), LEMON (L), GREEN (G), TURQUOISE (T), BLUE (B), INDIGO (I), VIOLET (V), PURPLE (P), MAGENTA (M) and SCARLET(S).

  • The set is delivered in a high-quality glasses case. In addition, it contains a 96-page manual with detailed instructions on how to use the color glasses. 12 beautifully designed glasses bags and an extra large cleaning cloth complete the set.

  • The SpektroChrom® color filter glasses were precisely defined according to Dinshah P. Ghadiali's sophisticated SpektroChrom color system. Special attention was paid to exact color frequencies and high color saturation so that the light passes through the filter glasses with maximum intensity and purity to achieve the very best color effectiveness.

  • The application of SpektroChrom® color glasses is simple. It is enough to wear them once or twice a day for about 15 minutes each time to give the organism valuable impulses towards harmonization and normalization of physiological processes. Or according to personal feeling. Also suitable for children.

  • The SpektroChrom® glasses offer comfortable and universally fitting frames made of nylon material, which makes them durable and resistant to damage. The colored filter lenses cover the field of vision well and reduce disturbing stray light. The lenses can be interchanged so that different colors can be placed in front of the left and right eye, which opens up further possibilities of applications.

  • SpektroChrom: for everyone, easy to use, effective in its effect. The original SpektroChrom® glasses, a German development in cooperation with Alexander Wunsch, MD.

  • Recommendation: Practical instrument for every user of the SpektroChrom method:  SpektroChrom Information poster A2 (ENGLISH EDITION) - Item No.: DLTA2E


SpektroChrom is the superior color system created over 100 years ago by Indian physician and light therapy pioneer Dinshah P. Ghadiali. It is incomparably more logical and physio-logically structured than any other color system: its twelve colors are positioned in harmonic distance to each other, and they represent an exact gradation of the physiological effects that can be achieved with them. With SpektroChrom, therefore, a therapeutic color system is available that can be used with unique targeting precision.

Alexander Wunsch, MD.


Specification, accessories and special features of SpektroChrom® Color glasses

Perfect interaction of the most modern manufacturing technology with the SpektroChrom  color filter system scientifically developed by the leading light biologist since 1993 directly from the manufacturer in worldwide distribution. PRiSMA® SpektroChrom® products are available as single glasses (but we always recommend at least the purchase of color and counter color) and in the chakra set of 7 as well as the complete color palette of 12 filters:

  • PRiSMA® SpektroChrom® Color filter lenses are defined exactly according to the original SpektroChrom color system.

  • Its 12 colors are graded and positioned in harmony with each other according to their physiological effects.

  • The highly saturated PRiSMA® color lenses were specially developed and manufactured for the application of the SpektroChrom method.

  • Their broad color spectrum enables finely graduated individual color selection and opens up a wide range of applications.

  • PRiSMA® SpektroChrom® glasses have a sporty frame with large lenses. So the desired color hits the eye from all sides and stray light is minimized.
  • Wide cut and with rubberized temple ends, the high-quality and flexible plastic frame made of Swiss Grilamid TR90 is particularly comfortable.

  • In addition, fine microfiber glasses cases printed with the SpektroChrom color scheme are included. A real "eye candy".

  • A special feature for color therapists: the colored filter glasses of the PRiSMA color glasses are interchangeable - so different colors can be placed in front of the left and right eye.

  • Dinshah P. Ghadiali: „Spektro-Chrom for every home - to use everywhere and every day without much effort!“


The "SpektroChrom - Color Glasses Manual" (ENGLISH EDITION) by Alexander Wunsch, MD. is already included in the "SpektroChrom COMPLETE SET"!


The SpektroChrom - Color Glasses Manual by Alexander Wunsch, MD, is a guide to the use of these color glasses. It is ideal for beginners who want to get an easy-to-understand insight into the underlying theory and practice of the SpektroChrom method. But also experienced color therapists who want to make the wonderful effects of colors accessible to their clients outside their practice rooms will get their money's worth here … » Read more

The SpektroChrom colored light method according to Dinshah P. Ghadiali is the proven colored light application in which very special colors are assigned to all organ systems and functions of the body.

Thanks to SpektroChrom color glasses, Spektro-Chrome is now also available for the eyes! 

The color filters are optimally adapted to the eyes and the Spektro-Chrom application. Comfortable and light, applied anytime and anywhere according to the Spektro-Chrom specifications, they contribute to the gentle harmonization and normalization of physiological processes. 

Detailed information about the Spektro-Chrom method can be found on the » website.

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