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PRiSMA blue light filter glasses VARiA1 - with magnetic front filter - BluelightProtect LiTE - VA1704

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PRiSMA blue light filter glasses VARiA1 - with magnetic front filter - BluelightProtect LiTE95 -... more

PRiSMA blue light filter glasses VARiA1 - with magnetic front filter - BluelightProtect LiTE95 - VA1704

PRiSMA blue light filter glasses VARiA1 with magnetic front filter bluelightprotect LiTE95 - blue light protection of 95% (up to 500nm), for very good blue light protection, for television, for computer work and for better sleep.

The basis of a good clip-on solution (such as our magnetic front filter) is a high-quality frame, which also makes a good figure when worn as stand alone glasses.
The VARiA1 impresses with its simple and elegant design made of high-quality TR 90 plastic. This is light and comfortable to wear, dimensionally stable and offers outstanding resistance to chemicals and tension cracking. In order to ensure the best possible quality, we only use branded raw materials from Switzerland.



"There is a crack in everything.
That's how the light gets in."

                              Leonard Cohen



The magnetic clips (magnetic front filter) are available in the filter tints PRO99, LiTE95, EASY95 and DRiVE85, so that the right filter is available for every lighting scenario. Attaching the filters is so easy that you don't even have to take off your glasses: two invisibly integrated magnets hold the 8 gram light filter precisely on the frame as soon as it is held in place. Thus, glasses and clip not only combine to form an optical unit, but also offer maximum visual comfort, as stray light and unpleasant reflections between the two layers are avoided.

Perfectly shaped in handling and design.




Comparison of the 4 BluelightProtect color filters


LiTE95 filter glasses have a blue light protection of 95%. Are a little bit brighter than PRO. Good color recognition. Also suitable for television.

PRO95 filter glasses have a blue light protection of about 99%. For highest protection. Color recognition good after getting used to it.
EASY90 filter glasses have a blue light protection of about 90%.Especially developed for professional gamers or for applications for even better color recognition.
DRiVE85 filter glasses have a blue light protection of about 85%. Developed for road use and optimized for night driving.

The filter quality of the VARiA clips (magnetic front filter) offers the usual high standard of Innovative Eyewear:

The core of our bluelightprotect filters is the perfectly tuned blue light filter effect with the best possible color rendering, which is regularly checked with the best measuring methods worldwide.

The high-quality filters made of the best raw materials are hard-coated to achieve improved impact and scratch resistance and a special cleancoating ensures less soiling and easier cleaning of the lenses. The most important coating, especially when a clip is worn over a correction lens, is the anti-reflective coating. A normal AR coating (AR=Anti-Reflex) consists of two layers and reduces surface reflections. The OAR antireflection coating we use consists of a total of 14 layers, and can thus not only massively reduce reflections, but also increase the light transmission of the lenses at the same time. 

Ingenious concept for everyday life
Beautifully designed glasses, individually glazed by your trusted optician, with the right blue light filter for every situation. In no time at all, your varifocals can be turned into screen glasses, driver's glasses or relaxation glasses in the evening. 

Best protection in every situation.

One pair of glasses - all possibilities
Anyone who is a bit familiar with the blue light issue knows that there are many different situations in which it makes sense to protect yourself from blue light. However, the conditions for protection are always different.

When driving a car, a high blue light protection factor would take away too much of the available light (and the glasses would not be approved for road traffic), when watching television, better color recognition is desirable, and in the late evening, complete protection is important not only for the retina but also for the endocrine system.

Innovative Eyewear therefore offers the four adapted blue light filter colors (PRO99, LiTE95, EASY90 and DRiVE85) to combine optimum visual comfort with the best possible blue light protection in every situation.

Does this mean that everyone needs four individual blue light protection glasses? And what if I have to wear glasses anyway because of my poor vision?

In response to these questions and as a practical solution, Innovative Eyewear has developed the VARiA concept: A high-quality spectacle frame that can be individually fitted with lenses by an optician and matching magnetic clips (magnetic front filters) that are available in all 4 filter strengths.

This makes the spectacles the ideal protection for every blue light challenge in no time at all. 

Blue light protection LiTE95, 95% (up to 500nm)
Super antireflective coating
Contrast enhancement
Fatigue-free vision
Eye relieving
Lightweight and unbreakable
100% UV400 protection


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