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PRiSMA FREiBURG LiTE95 blue light filter glasses - F704

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  • F704
  • 4260168327807
  • Strictly modeled, lightweight yet robust full frame frame with BluelightProtect filter LiTE95.

    - The universal filter
    - Blue light filter 95 %
    - Super anti-reflective

    Blue light protection for every day



PRiSMA FREiBURG LiTE95 blue light filter glasses - F704 LENSES: LiTE95. High blue... more

PRiSMA FREiBURG LiTE95 blue light filter glasses - F704

  • LENSES: LiTE95. High blue light protection of 95% up to 500 nm through amber-colored, fully anti-reflective BluelightProtect filter LiTE95 with higher color fidelity and light transmission of 75% - scientifically developed in Germany.
  • APPLICATION: Ideal for long viewing times during the day when the body is less sensitive to blue light, as well as for lower blue light exposure and less pre-stressed eyes. Also provides good color fidelity in the evening when watching TV.
  • BENEFITS: During the course of a day it is easy to accumulate many hours of screen time. All in all, the blue light exposure is enormous, even for healthy eyes. The BluelightProtect filter LiTE95 enables concentrated, fatigue-free, eye-friendly screen work and simultaneously increases contrast and visual acuity. Also ideal for children.
  • FRAME: FREiBURG. Rigorously modeled, lightweight yet robust full-frame frame made of bisphenol-free EMS TR90 with slightly trapezoidal blue light filter lenses. Wear-free, durable metal hinges allow smooth opening and closing. One-piece nose pads provide a comfortable feel.
  • DESIGN: The wild proves itself on the drawn. Overall, a valuable entry-level model without playful flourishes that emphasizes an unconventional personality. Comfortable highly elastic temples in a stable triangular prism shape with embedded logo, which do not press when worn on the ear.

Up-to-date blue light protection, high protection effect with LiTE lenses.

Healthy eyes in modern times

Modern flatscreens (PC, TV, tablet, smartphone) emitt a light with a strong content of short wavelegth blue light. Scientific studies have shown that this light can damage the retina of the eyes. Do you know about burning, red eyes after working on the computer for a long time? Light with a high blue light content greatly influences the hormonal balance and can lead to sleeping disorders (disruption of melatonin production). Watching TV in the evening without blue light protection increases the stress on the hormonal balance, so that many of us cannot „switch off“ even at night, and regeneration is impaired.

Our filter glasses protect your eyes by filtering out the dangerous blue content.

Did you know? All blue light protection is not the same!

Our lenses are produced according to up-to-date filter and measurement technology. Developed by physician and light biologist Alexander Wunsch, they guarantee highest scientific standards.

Which filter is the right one for you: PRO or LiTE?

This product: LiTE filtering lenses
Great blue light protection with 95% and good color recognition
Please note: LiTE gives you a better color rendering with a shorter adjustment period than PRO, and is suitable for watching TV, and therefore recommended as a „beginners filter“. The stronger filter tint PRO needs a longer adjustment period for color recognition than LiTE.

blue light protection LiTE approx. 95% (380 -500nm)
reduction of reflections
contrast enhancing
reduces eye strain
relaxes the eyes
light and robust
100% UV400 filter

Included in delivery:

1 pair of bluelightprotect glasses LiTE with anti reflective coating

1 hard case with microfober cloth.

PRiSMA® is a registered trademark of Reinhard Gerl

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