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PRiSMA FRANKFURT PRO99 blue light filter glasses - FF709

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  • FF709
  • 4260168327890
  • BluelightProtect PRO99 lenses block virtually all blue light as well as some blue-green light and are designed for evening use to increase melatonin levels, lower stress levels and improve sleep quality.



The PRiSMA blue light filter glasses FRANKFURT PRO99 Modeled semi-transparent unisex full... more

The PRiSMA blue light filter glasses FRANKFURT PRO99

04-FF709-FRANKFURT-PRO99-Model-Foto-1500px-RGB-DE-EN4EiTzo9FAagQiModeled semi-transparent unisex full frame glasses with exciting mix of materials in brown tones made of high quality Arkema G850 material from France and bendable, very light stainless steel temples with soft ends made of bisphenol-free Grilamid TR90 UV. The wear-free metal hinges won't loosen on their own. Non-slip nose pads ensure individual adjustability and comfortable wearing.

The translucent frame with the extremely resistant trapezoidal lenses combines robustness with fashion and lightness with independence, and amazingly flatters women as well as men. A top model for the self-confident type at a mid-range price, which is also suitable for larger heads thanks to its flexible temples, which also do not press on the ear.

Details of the PRO99 blue light filter glass

  FILTER:   PRO99. Max. Blue light protection of 99.9 % up to 500 nm and 80 % in the blue-green spectrum up to 550 nm through amber-colored BluelightProtect filter PRO99 with a light transmission of over 60 % - scientifically developed in Germany. The necessary expertise has been contributed by our PRiSMA development partner and technology consultant, Alexander Wunsch, MD, since 2007. By specifically matching our filter systems, we achieve blue light protection with maximum color rendition. The high quality of the filter materials enables excellent light transmission for optimal vision. Our filters allow the regeneration-promoting components in the red and near-infrared range to pass through.

  LENSES:   The lenses have a multi-coating special anti-reflective coating, this reduces annoying reflections to less than 1% and thus increases the visual comfort. In addition, they have a durable hard coating, this reduces scratches and the CleanCoat coating facilitates maintenance. Of course, all our filters provide the best possible protection against UV light and meet the UV 400 standard.

  USE:   Ideal for long screen work, pre-stressed eyes and especially in the evening and night hours, when the body and hormone system react highly sensitive to blue light.

  BENEFITS:   Protect retina and blue light receptors as best as possible to prevent sleep deprivation and sleep disorders, maximum protection from blue light for pre-stressed and damaged eyes, minimize negative effects of night screen time.

Modern flat screens (PC and TV), notebooks, tablets and smartphones emit a strong blue light with a high proportion of short-wave (blue) spectral components. Scientific studies suggest that this light is a great strain on the eyes and can irreversibly damage them. In addition, it is known from numerous studies that blue-containing light has a particularly strong effect on hormones, which can lead to sleep disorders by suppressing melatonin production, for example. For the body, this means permanent stress.

Many people complain of discomfort such as red, burning and watery eyes during long periods of working at the PC. PRiSMA screen filter glasses with their specially calculated filter properties protect your eyes by safely filtering out the high blue content from the light.

Protect yourself from the light radiation of flat screens while working and watching TV with the PRiSMA BluelightProtect blue light filter glasses Frankfurt PRO99.

Article dimensions:

  • Lens: Wide 5,1 cm - Height 3,7 cm
  • Glasses: Wide 13,3 cm - Height 4,1 cm
  • Temple: Length 14,5 cm
  • Item: Weight 17 g

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 Display glasses with blue light protection filter PRO
  • 1 Hard case
  • 1 Microfiber cloth


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